Published on September 28, 2003 By Jerry977 In Blogging
Searching a good blog website for a long time, but my ISP don't support lots good blog sites. This one is easy, clear, but i'm not satisfied with the funtions.

Don't know what i was doing the whole day, burned 3 vcds to the webmaster of www.aaroncarter.cn. i'm sick of burning aaron stuff to others. It doesn't mean i don't like money, they must pay me. Maybe i'm too lazy, maybe i don't like earning money this way. Anyway, really, bcz most money are sent to the webmaster, but not me. And there're some problems with my cd-rw rom.

Maybe i'm stupid, i spent about 250RMB on the pirate dvds. The seller cheated me i think, i bought "Ally McBeal", 1~3 seasons, they're only 33DVDs, but the bitch sold as 36 DVDs, the ugly bitch...

What else did i do today? I watched a movie, E.T.. No bad, but the dvd i bought is shit, the chinese subtitle is shit, and my dvd player is shit, or maybe it's my dvd's problem, the player couldn't read the end of the movie. What a sad scene! But i couldn't feel anything from the damn dvd player. I need a new DVD player, really. And a new digital camera.

I can't wait National Day. I love holidays so much.
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